Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Crafts for Kids

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My children love to do crafts, and I love to display them around the house! I'm all about the simple crafts that are easy on the wallet. Below are some that we have done so far this season.

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Hand Print Fall Tree!
Canvas (or paper)

Paint the child's hand and arm brown for the tree trunk. Place their panted arm and hand on the canvas/paper. Children then use their fingers to make fingerprint leaves on their tree. Mine decided to make a leaf pile also.

Nature Collection Collage!
Clear Contact Paper
Bag for collecting items from your nature walk
Hole punch
 photo 0921151729-2_zpszxsj6pmw.jpgString

Let each child hold a bag as you go on a nature walk to collect items. Items to find could include leaves of various colors and sizes, grass, flowers, twig, clovers, and anything else that catches the child's eye. Bring the bag back inside and let the child cover their contact paper with everything they found. Put another piece of contact paper over it to keep everything in place. Put a hole in the top and tie a string through it.
*You could give the children a list of items to find outside and make a scavenger hunt out of it!

Pine Cone Chick!
 photo 0921151727a-2_zps59dn3cag.jpg Materials:
Pine Cone
Pipe Cleaners

Find a pine cone. Cut and twist pipe cleaners to look like feet and glue them on the bottom. Glue the eyes on. Make a beak out of paper (or more pipe cleaners) and glue those on. You could also glue feathers on. Hot glue guns work best to hold the items on, but be very careful using it around the children because it gets very hot!

Fun with leaves!

Let the children find leaves and draw faces on them! Simple and easy, but lots of fun!
Leaf rubbings are also very simple and fun!
Letting the children paint leaves and make prints!
You can also cut the middle out of a paper plate and let children glue leaves of various colors and sizes around the plate to make a homemade wreath!

Painting Pumpkins!

My daughter LOVES to paint anything, but pumpkins are one of her absolute favorite things to paint. It's an easy and safe alternative to carving them (we try to carve one or two also). If you're feeling extra creative you can glue feathers, jewels, beads, etc. on the pumpkin also. Give the kids some paint and supplies and let them use their imagination!

What is your favorite Fall craft?

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