Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kaleidoscopes Indoor Playground in Shelbyville

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Kaleidoscopes Indoor Playground is located at 525 Main Street in Shelbyville! My daughters and I recently spent a few hours checking the place out- we had a blast! The cost is $6 per child. They do have yearly memberships that includes unlimited play for the entire family for one year as well as discounts at their restaurant, Laughing Leo, and some of the programs they offer! Remember to bring socks! I forgot and had to purchase a few pairs for $1 each.

On the first floor is a giant jungle gym play feature. It kept the attention of my two young daughters for quite awhile. Across from that structure is a horizontal rock wall! Definitely fun to attempt, though we weren't very good. Behind the steps was a train table. Speaking of steps, be sure to check out the Super Slide that takes you from the second floor back down to the first. My girls were too scared, but I heard it's super fast! I need one of those in my house ;)

 photo 0921151211 1_zpssax3asso.jpg photo 0921151210 1_zpsawcpttlp.jpg We climbed the colorful steps to the second floor to find a retro kitchen and play food. I liked how they had adult size seats set up next to it that allowed us to play "restaurant". Upstairs there were also two music areas- one that used pvc pipes and flip flops to make sound and the other was made with various household items like buckets. After playing kitchen and making music, we made our way to the lego room. It wasn't a huge room, but there were tons of legos! They had a long table with stools that allowed children (and adults) plenty of room to build. We probably spent the majority of our time in the lego room. My daughters loved putting the different pieces together to make minifigs. We probably made over 30 different ones! The room next to the lego room is larger with tables and chairs set up. One of the workers pulled out some coloring books, paper, crayons, markers, etc. and the children spent some time coloring.

They also have a large ball room upstairs where they have classes- karate, dance, yoga, music, etc. If you are interested in any of these give them a call!  They also do birthday parties! Inside the ballroom was a large bounce house that is used during busy hours and on weekends!

 photo 0921151236_zpshhag5bhg.jpgThe staff was super nice! They walked around and engaged with the visitors, kept everything clean and organized, and one even sat and played legos with my youngest daughter for over 30 minutes! They also had  nice seating areas set up on both floors for parents to sit down and relax while the children play.

 photo 0921151332_zpsjwsl37di.jpgLaughing Leo's is a restaurant set up in the back of the first floor. We decided to take a break from playing to check it out. I was surprised at the variety they offered on their menu- appetizers, salads, hamburgers, hot dogs, spaghetti, etc. We went straight for dessert and split a hot fudge sundae! Yum! Patrons that have the yearly membership save 10% at Laughing Leos! The tables were covered with paper so they could be colored on and the wall on one side of the restaurant was a chalkboard that could be reached from the booth. Very helpful in keeping the children busy until the ice cream came!

Overall, we had a really fun time. The kids stayed busy for over 2 hours! I love how there is no time limit like some places have! We could have played all day :) The staff was super friendly. It's a great addition to Shelby County- especially during those colder months when you want to be indoors! The classes look like they'll be great also!  :)

 photo 0921151204b_zpspydh1zd7.jpgMonday-Saturday 10am-9pm
Sunday 11am-4pm

For more information on the membership (which has lots of other perks besides the unlimited play) and classes call 437-2261 or check them out on Facebook.


  1. How old are your daughters? My son is almost 9, and I'm not sure whether he is too old to be entertained here.

  2. Mine are 2 and 4. They have the bounce house set up on weekends. He would probably enjoy that. The lego room is fun for older kids. The super slide was too scary for mine, but he would probably love it. They do have classes- karate and such. You could look into those also. If you go they will let you look around before you decide to stay and pay just to make sure it's worth your money.

  3. My son will be 10 in February and he loved Kalidescopes. I'm giving him membership as a Christmas present this year.