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Swimming at Clear Creek Park's Family Activity Center In Shelbyville

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Clear Creek Park's Family Activity Center is the place to be this summer. They're adding on to their already wonderful new playground! They have summer camps going on during the week for the kids! And my family just love to use their indoor and outdoor pools!

Since my daughters are young we stay in the indoor children's pool. It's a nice size pool for children with depths no more than 3 1/2 feet. They have a fun frog slide for children 8 and younger! The pool is heated, which is very nice in the winter! There are lifeguards on duty to keep everyone safe, and they blow their whistle the last 10 minutes of every hour to break and give people time to rest or use the restroom. Helpful hint: Try to start swimming at the top of the hour, or soon after, so you don't have to get out soon after you start swimming. I didn't think about it the first few visits and had two wet, unhappy kids.

Next to the children's pool is a party room that you can rent for an additional fee (If you purchase an annual membership you get a one time use of the party room for free). You can also have a private swimming party and rent out the entire indoor or outdoor pool! How cool would that be? Most times we went swimming there was no one in the party room, especially during the week and earlier in the day. Saturday seems to be a popular day for renting the party room, and the pool can get a little crowded during those times. Most days we shared the pool with less than 10 other swimmers, which was really nice! 

The larger pool has several swimming lanes and an open area on the far side. There is a diving board in the deep end of this pool, and my daughter tells me one day she will be brave enough to go off of it, but for now she just enjoys watching others use it.  The FAC has several water aerobic classes that are free for members, but non-members can pay by the class. Be sure to check the schedule because part of the larger pool may be closed to swimmers during those class times.

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Source: ShelbyCoParks
In the summer, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the outdoor Splash Pool is open! There is another frog slide in this pool, as well as a much larger twirly slide. There are also sprays throughout the outdoor pool. It's such a fun pool! They have free sunscreen at the outdoor entrance. They also have a snack bar where you can purchase drinks, candy, and more! The indoor pools are still open during the summer for those who want to get out of the sun. We weren't members last summer, but would pay the daily rate to swim. When you pay the daily rate you get access to the entire FAC, not just the pools. It's a great deal! You can also leave and return later that day, just make sure you keep your receipt and show it to them when you return.

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