Monday, March 2, 2015

Shelby County Pediatricians & Pediatric Dentists Directory

Directory of pediatricians and pediatric dentists in Shelby County

Grow and be healthy!
Grow and be healthy!


Shelby Pediatrics (Shelbyville) 502-633-7337
Dr. Eric Siegel, M.D.

Future Hope Pediatrics (Shelbyville) 502-633-6411
Dr. Laura White, M.D.

Kosair Children's Medical Hospital Associates Pediatric & Neonatal Practice  (Shelbyvile) 502-647-5468
Dr. Tia M. Alton, M.D.
Dr. Arlyn E. Lua-Canby, M.D.
Dr. Lisa B. Lyon, M.D.
Dr. Angelito L. Samson, M.D.

Pediatric Dentists

Pediatric Dentistry of Shelbyville 502-633-4441
Dr. Kirby Hoetker, DMD

Bright Smile Dental Care 502-633-1819

Fairbourn Family Denstistry 502-633-3900
Dr. Jeremy Fairbourn, DMD

Raymond Lohr Family Dentistry
Dr. Raymond H. Lohr, DMD

Mortenson Family Dental
Simpsonville 502-496-0002
Shelbyville (Mt. Eden Rd.) 502-633-1538
Shelbyville (Stonecrest Rd.) 502-633-1584

If you know of any pediatricians or pediatric dentists in Shelby County please email and we will gladly add them to our list!

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