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Want to submit an event? See information below the calendar. 

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Event submissions can be made via the button below.

Read this first:

Please be complete and accurate in your submissions so it can be vetted and posted quickly. 

*Do not mark your event as "ALL DAY" unless it is truly 12am-11:59pm.

*If your event repeats, please submit it for the most immedate date and tell us the repetition in the event description. For example "This event occurs every Thursday until August 31" of "This event is the last Saturday of each month"

*For your event to show on our calendar, you must choose "Shelby County" as one of the locations.  

We vet events twice a week. 

There are free and paid options.  

Free options include:
  • Necessary event details
  • Map to the location if you enter that info
  • Link to your event page or URL of your choice
  • Listing on our calendar page in chronological order 
 Free options do NOT include:
  • Images

You may pay a small fee to add a graphic.  Do not choose the featured option as that is not offered on this site. Graphics should be horizontal/landscape in nature.....around 300x200 pixels would work great!

If you upload a photo when submitting your event but choose the free listing, your photos will not be included in your listing.  We will have to edit your event and this will delay its posting.   

The listed fee for adding a photo is for one-time events only.  If your event is recurring, and you want to include an image, please select the fee option, input your recurring event details and submit. We will contact you regarding payment as it will be determined based on how often your event occurs and for how long. 

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